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Personal Property

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Personal Property

Personal property generally includes tangible items that are not firmly attached to land or buildings and are not specially designed for or of such a size and bulk to be considered part of the real estate. This includes merchandise, furnishings and effects, machinery, tools, animals and equipment. Such personal property will be taxable unless a specific exemption provision applies.  Household furnishings are exempt.

All business organizations are eligible to pay unless exempt by statute.

A state required form notifying the Assessors of any and all business equipment, machinery, inventory and furniture and fixtures.

All business individuals, partnerships, associations, trusts and corporations that own or hold personal property on January 1.  Forms must be filed by March 1.  A form of list is not considered filed unless complete.

An abatement application must be filed with the Board of Assessors on or before the due date of the actual bill for the fiscal year.  Actual bills are those issued after values have been approved and the tax rate has been set.  The due date is typically February 1.


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