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Motor Vehicle Excise

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Motor Vehicle Excise

Motor vehicle excise is imposed for the privilege of registering a motor vehicle.

Registering a vehicle triggers the assessment of the excise.

The rate is $25 per thousand in value.  This is the standard rate for the entire state.

The value of a motor vehicle for excise purposes is determined by the Commissioner of Revenue at varying percentages of the manufacturer’s list price in the year of manufacture as follows:

-In the year preceding the designated year of manufacture 50%
-In the year of manufacture 90%
-In the 2nd year 60%
-In the 3rd year 40%
-In the 4th year 25%
-In the 5th and succeeding years 10%
Condition and market value are not considerations in determining the value, not is the age after the 5th year.

Two actions are necessary in order to file for an abatement: A vehicle owner must transfer title of the vehicle AND cancel the registration on that vehicle.

Documentation that is required:

Vehicle sold or traded:  Bill of sale AND proof of cancellation of registration or new registration if plates transferred to another vehicle.

Moved from Massachusetts:  Copy of MA plate return receipt AND a copy of the new state registration.

Vehicle stolen or totaled:  Police report or insurance company settlement letter AND proof of cancellation or transfer of registration.

Moved to another city/town:  Copy of insurance coverage selection page showing the place of garaging as of January 1 of the taxing year or as the date of registration of the vehicle.


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