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December 17, 2018

Contact: Alan Wolf

(413) 529-1470

Easthampton Prepared For Retail Cannabis Opening

Easthampton, MA – With today’s Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission approval of INSA for retail cannabis sales, the City of Easthampton is well-positioned to announce the opening of the City’s first retail cannabis location at the rear of the Keystone Mill Building, 122 Pleasant Street. The Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission has approved INSA to open as soon as this Friday, December 21, 2018.   

“I have been carefully planning for retail cannabis since I took office, with the goal of making sure the people of Easthampton know what to expect, and that opening day is a safe and secure experience for everyone, balancing the least possible amount of disruption to life in Easthampton, while welcoming new growth to the city,” said Mayor LaChapelle.

Since January 2018, Mayor LaChapelle has convened meetings with INSA and key city department heads to plan for INSA’s retail opening. These meetings will continue to review and assess the impact on city resources.  The Mayor has made clear that response to INSA’s opening must be quick and responsive to concerns.  INSA has been a very cooperative partner in this planning process.  The Mayor has a full expectation that their cooperation will continue forward, knowing that adjustments to these plans will be made as often as necessary.

Anticipating increased traffic and parking needs, the Mayor and the city departments have taken the following actions:

  • A mailing went to the neighborhoods closest to INSA.
  • Traffic will be controlled and directed by police officers on Pleasant Street, Ferry Street and in the INSA rear parking lots. INSA traffic flow will be directed away from the heavier traffic areas of the city and directly back to the highways. INSA customers will be directed to the rear of the mill building for parking and queuing. 
  • Signage and traffic details will direct people away from parking in nearby neighborhoods.
  • All of the extra police details are hired by INSA after consultation with the Easthampton Police Department.
  • A map of the traffic flow for patrons and guests is here (at the bottom of the page).
  • Updates to traffic flow maps will be posted at, as well as from INSA’s website and social media.

INSA’s contingency plan covers the first six months of operations and the City will be closely monitoring the situation with adjustments made as needed. 

INSA and City officials have met numerous times to discuss traffic control, parking, patron management, and other contingencies.  The primary goal is to not gridlock any area of Easthampton.  After the initial opening, we are will be eager to promote the many great things the City has to offer to visitors, both in the mills and downtown.” said City Planner Jeff Bagg,

If residents have traffic or parking concerns, they are encouraged to contact the Easthampton Police Department at 413-527-1212.

 Traffic and parking flow map HERE (at the bottom of the page).



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