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Historical Commission

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Mission Statement:
Easthampton is evolving in new and exciting directions and its history is moving with it. Using today’s tools and resources, we seek to educate the community about our collective past while integrating our history and celebrating the innovative character of Easthampton. We seek to accommodate preservation without constricting economic or creative freedom. We celebrate and promote the innovative character that embodies Easthampton’s history through identifying, protecting, and preserving our historic resources, properties, and districts.

We are primarily responsible for:
 • Administration of the City’s Demolition Delay Ordinance for buildings over 50 years old that are proposed to be demolished
 • Facilitating the Section 106 Reviews as enacted by the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966
 • Making determinations of historical significance for projects under the review of other local boards and committees such as the Community Preservation Act Committee, Planning Board, and Zoning Board of Appeals
 • Identifying historic resources (i.e. historic areas, properties, districts, buildings, burial grounds, objects, or structures) in the city
 • Maintaining and updating the City’s inventory of historic resources
 • Determining the preservation needs of historic resources
 • Making nominations to and helping with the nomination process for listing historic resources on the State and/or National Registries of Historic Places

Michael Czerwiec, Chair
John Bruner
Nora DeJasu
Tracy Harris
Beverly Wodicka

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Main Phone Number 413-529-1400
Municipal Building 50 Payson Avenue, Easthampton, MA 01027