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Commission on Disability

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It is the Mission of the Commission on Disability, in conjunction with the Americans with Disabilities Act, to bring Easthampton into compliance with all rules and regulations relating to disability access within our community.

  • The Commission provides public outreach and education on disabilities, recommends changes to increase access to all in municipal, business, and public buildings and sites.
  • The Commission will work with the City and the business sector for accommodations that will be a benefit to all people.
  • The Commission will review proposals and recommend changes it feels necessary for the well-being of disabled persons within the community.
  • The Commission will work to increase awareness and community cooperation.
  • The Commission on Disability will serve as a resource for information pertaining to the American with Disabilities Act.

Disability Experience Survey
Link to take the survey. This survey will bue used to identify barriers to full participation in the community for people with disabilities. These findings will help us to apply for grants to help improve access around Easthampton. This survey is anonymous. The analysis of the data will be published on the city's website and may be shared with the City Council, public sector service providers, and local groups and organizations supporting disabled people.
Click this link to take the survey.



Information and resources: (all links open in new window)
Resources for People with Disabilities in Times of Need [⇒]
Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) website [⇒]
ADA information and technical assistance page [⇒]
ADA information for small businesses [⇒]
Understanding PTSD and PTSD Treatment [⇒]

Commission Members:

  • Angelique Baker, Chair
  • Eli Damon, Vice-Chair
  • Kelsey Hall, Secretary
  • Jeff Bagg, ADA Coordinator/City Planner
  • Jamie Webb, Assistant City Planner
  • Jeffrey A. Brown
  • Robert Nichols
  • Kate DaSilva
  • Bryce LaPlante

Number of Members (9)
Vacancies (0)



Main Phone Number 413-529-1400
Municipal Building 50 Payson Avenue, Easthampton, MA 01027