Sexual and Reproductive Health

Please contact Liz Plouffe, City of Easthampton Social Worker, with any questions related to sexual or reproductive health care needs or concerns. 

Massachusetts Department of Public Health map of Reproductive Health Services:

Local Resources: 

Tapestry Health
76 Carlon Drive, Northampton, MA 01060
Office- 413-586-2539
*Specializing in sexual and reproductive services, gender affirming care, preventative screening services, HIV care, and more

Center for Perinatal Wellness
116 Pleasant St #335 (Located in Eastworks)
Office- 413-203-1300
*Specializing in postpartum and infertility counseling

Planned Parenthood
3550 Main Street Suite 201 Springfield, MA
Office- 800-258-4448
*Specializing in sexual and reproductive services, abortion care, preventative screening services, gender affirming care, primary care, and more