ECOA Van Rides Service for Easthampton Residents 55+

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Fares $2-5: Round Trip

  • To Senior Center: $2 + $1 per stop
  • Easthampton: $3 + $1 per stop
  • Southampton: $4
  • Northampton Area/Hatfield Line/Holyoke: $5 for 1 stop


  • Rides to Senior Center available: for afternoon trips, return trip not guaranteed
  • Groceries, Medical, Bank, PO, Voting, Bill-Paying, Library, Services, and other errands at COA discretion.
  • Regular group shopping trips: Tuesdays (Big Y) and Fridays (Big E's), monthly to Farmers Market/Stands and Walmart.
  • Individual stops: Easthampton only, except for medical appointments and special government offices/business.
  • Medical and errand rides also available with Volunteer Drivers: Companion Rides Program. Ask for info.
  • Special Field Trips and Late Afternoon/Evening Events: see newsletter and website calendar, may request transportation.

Start Times

  • First appt: 8 AM unless special circumstances.
  • Last Appt: in town 2 PM, out 1:30 PM. Appts that start after 1:30/2: use COA or Easthampton Neighbors volunteer driver or PVTA Senior Rides.

How to ride: Call 413-527-6151, press 0

  • Step 1: ride request = call a minimum of 48 hours ahead.
  • Step 2: ride reservation = we will call you back.
  • Step 3: ride confirmation = we will call you the day before.
  • Need an extra stop? Ask well in advance.
  • You may schedule months out for medical appointments only.
  • You may request, by the last week of the month, group shopping trips for the following month.
  • Call weekly to make a reservation for all other weekly appointments. We no longer keep regulars on the schedule unless a special needs accommodation is needed.
  • If you need frequent medical rides: we may make an appointment for you with an outreach worker to assess what your transportation options are. Some people are eligible for other forms of medical transportation.
  • Tell us if you need to use the wheelchair lift for any kind of medical equipment and if you need to borrow a wheelchair or walker.
  • Procedures with Anesthesia: The COA van rides are public transportation, and discharge orders require patients not to use public transportation. What can you do if you can’t find someone to go with you? We have volunteers who would be willing to be a companion on our vans. Check with us before reserving a ride.
  • Work, visiting, caregiving: no rides at this time, but this may change. Make a request so we know what the need is in the community.

Cancellations: Call 413-527-6151, press 0

  • If you cancel a ride, reschedule immediately if you can. We cannot guarantee a replacement ride.
  • Provide 24-hour notice by phone to cancel your ride. We may accept a cancellation made 2 hours before pick-up time. If later than that it will be considered a no-show.
  • After 3 no-shows: you will have to take a break from our ride service.
  • If you don’t show up for the return ride at designated pick-up location on time: you will pay round trip price and it will be counted as a no-show.


  • Be ready to go 15 minutes either side of your pick-up time. We may come earlier or later depending on everyone’s destinations and appointment times.
  • Exact change required upon boarding.
  • Wear the seat belt prior to the movement of the van until a complete stop.
  • Companions must reserve a spot in advance and ride free if they are there to help.
  • 3 bags max.
  • No loud, profane, abusive or disruptive behavior towards the driver or any other passengers.
  • Drivers will ask you if they need directions. Don't direct them.