Cherry Street Green Infrastructure

Cherry Street Green Infrastructure Improvements Project

This is a comprehensive infrastructure improvement project that will improve water, sewer, drainage, sidewalk and curbing, street paving, and green infrastructure improvements on Cherry Street. This project will include installation of green infrastructure and also restore the slope associated with the failed stormwater outfall at the end of Cherry Street. Funded in part through the Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness Program, Community Development Block Grant funds, and City DPW Enterprise funds. 

To join the e-mail list of infrequent project updates, or contact us regarding non-emergency issues, concerns or problems in relation to this project, please send us an e-mail. In case of an emergency situation (such as a water line break or sewer backup into your home), please contact Easthampton’s emergency services dispatch at 413-527-1212

9/13/2023 - CDBG FY2021 Performance Public Hearing - click here to watch a video of the performance public hearing held on 9/13/2023. View the slideshow (PDF). View the summary sheet (PDF). If you have any comments about the implementation of the CDBG program, please email your comments to Senior Planner Jamie Webb at

3/20/2023 - Morais Concrete Services has resumed construction of the Cherry Street Utilities, Green Infrastructure, and Roadway Improvements for the 2023 construction season. Work will continue with the installation of new sewer lines, drainage lines, and water lines before the road reconstruction, surface improvements, and other restoration works are conducted. Crews will be on-site Monday through Friday, from 7am to 5pm, to conduct the work.

11/30/2022 - Morais Concrete Services, Inc out of Springfield, MA was selected in May 2022 as the prime contractor for the project. Due to supply chain issues, the start of construction in September was later than anticipated and is continuing to affect the construction schedule. Although we had hoped that construction would be substantially completed by the end of Fall 2022 it is clear that will not happen. At this point in time, Morais is in the process of buttoning up the site to safely pause construction for the winter months. Over the next few days, Morais will be removing their equipment and materials from the street, conducting grading, and putting down temporary paving so that the street and sidewalk will be passable & plowable during the winter. The last day of work for this season is expected to be in mid-December. Construction will resume in the spring (likely in late March / early April) after the ground is thawed enough to begin working again. Any restoration work required to be completed by Morais will be conducted at the END of the project after construction resumes in the spring. If you have concerns about construction related damage to your property, please contact Jamie Webb, Easthampton Assistant Planner at 413-529-1405 or

In July 2021, the City received grant funding to began working with Fuss & O'Neill to design and permit the comprehensive infrastructure improvements and stormwater outfall slope restoration. 

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