Cemetery Fees

Cemetery Fees 2023

Grave Lots: Brookside Cemetery lots for sale 

    Single Lot $ 750.00

    Cremation Lot $ 250.00   

Payment for lot(s) is due in full at time of purchase. Perpetual care is included in the price of the lot. Cash or money orders only, no personal checks accepted. Lots are reserved for Easthampton residents only, must have two proofs of identification.

Services – Openings/Closings: April 1st – November 30th

     Regular $ 750.00

     Cremation $ 375.00

Winter - Openings/Closings: December 1st – March 31st (at discretion of cemetery)

     Regular $ 900.00

     Cremation $ 550.00

Internment Arrangements: A minimum of 48 hours notice (business days) is required for grave openings. Burial requests made after 1:00pm on Thursday cannot be performed until the following Tuesday at the earliest, if available. Burial Requests made after 1:00pm on Friday cannot be performed until the following Wednesday at the earliest, if available. Burials are scheduled at least one hour apart. Burials will not run concurrently.

Exhumation: Full casket removal cost will be $750.00. Cremation removal will be $375.00. Exhumations are done from Aprils 1st through November 30th.

No Burials/ Openings: There will be no burials or openings on weekends or the following: New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, President’s Day, Patriot Day, Memorial Day, Juneteenth, Independence Day, Labor Day, Indigenous Peoples Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Day, Friday after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, as well as any other observed city holidays/dates.

There will be an additional charge of $175.00 per hour when it becomes necessary to work beyond 3 p.m. which will be billed directly to the funeral home. We require 1 full hour to close a grave, this hour begins when the funeral procession and or family has left the cemetery.

Military Flat Markers (Government issued): No charge for installation.

Monument Foundations: Service is no longer provided.

Individual markers must be flush with grade and not exceed two feet in length and one foot width. Double markers must not exceed width of a two grave lot. Inscriptions must be cut into stone, not raised. All upright monuments need concrete foundations at least 42 inches deep. Corner stones must be flush with grade of lot. One upright monument allowed only on lots of 4 graves or more. Monument company will be charged $40.00/per hour, if area is not cleaned up, 1 hour minimum.