Pleasant Street Mills - One Stop For Growth Site Readiness

Grant cover Mills One Stop

In June 2022 the Planning Department submitted an application to the Commonwealth’s Community One Stop for Growth grant program.  We are pleased to relay that we recently received word that we have been granted $175,000 from the MassDevelopment Site Readiness Program.  The project includes, but is not limited to the following:  

  • Creation of concept level master plan for the neighborhood and access way improvements
  • Completion of a concise community engagement element to affirm a community vision
  • Preparation of 25-75% design plans and pricing for access improvements to the rear of the mills 

The project seeks to leverage the upgrades to infrastructure, access, and wayfinding to support and spur anticipated continued private investment within the privately owned mill buildings. 

Click here to view the full grant application, narrative, and project details.