Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness Final Summary of Findings (2019)

The need for municipalities, regional planning organizations, and state and federal agencies to increase planning and activities toward resilience and adaptation to extreme weather and mounting natural hazards is strikingly evident in the Pioneer Valley City of Easthampton. Recent events such as the 2016 drought, extreme cold spells in the winter of 2017-2018, the microburst of 2014, and the October ice storm of 2011 have reinforced this urgency and compelled municipalities like Easthampton to proactively plan and mitigate potential risks through a community driven process. 

The core directive of the MVP program is to engage community stakeholders to facilitate the education, planning, and ultimate implementation of priority climate change adaptation actions. Completion of the MVP process will enable the City to achieve MVP certified community status from EOEEA by June of 2019 and receive preference for future state grants.

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