Union Street - 2021/2022 TIP Infrastructure Project

This is information about the upcoming Union Street Infrastructure Improvement project.  As of July 2021 the project is tentatively set to begin construction in spring 2022.  This multi-million dollar project consists of 1,870 feet of Union Street.  The project begins at the intersection of High Street (near Big E's) and includes improvements to the signalized intersection at Cottage Street, Williston Avenue, and Payson Avenue.   

The project includes but is not limited to: 

  • Replacement of underground water, sewer and gas utilities
  • Full reconstruction of the roadway from Big E's to the intersection at Cottage Street and Williston Ave
  • All new ADA compliant sidewalks, crosswalks, curbs, and streetscaping
  • On-road bike accommodations including sections of bike lanes and sharrrows
  • An upgraded raised crossing for the Manhan Rail Trail including improved alignment with Union Street
  • New crosswalk from Riverside Industries to the Nashawanuck Pond Promenade

The 100% design plans are currently under review by MassDOT.  Additional information about the construction timeline, sequencing, duration, and associated information will be released in the winter once a contractor is selected.

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