Public Records Request

On June 3, 2016, the Massachusetts State Legislature enacted "An Act to Improve Public Records", Chapter 121 of the Acts of 2016. The City Clerk in Easthampton is the primary Records Access Officer (RAO), with department heads serving as records access officers for their departmental records.  The primary RAO is charged with assisting public records requestors, as well as working with record custodians in maintaining records and explaining the request and response process.

Please note that the City of Easthampton maintains records relating to city government only.

Information on the state law and requesting records in Massachusetts.

Submitting a public records request*:

Here's a form to fill out and submit online
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*You are not required to use these forms, but it creates a more organized way for us to collect your request

For more information:

Barbara L. LaBombard, City Clerk
413-529-1400, ext., 460

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