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Mass 211

The centralized hub for comprehensive information about, and referral to, the complete spectrum of services in Massachusetts that address the social determinants of healthy lives and communities. They provide a stigma free 24/7 contact center and public portal website that empowers people with the information they need to make informed decisions and to get the right help for their circumstances. Mass 211 can be contacted simply by dialing 211 from most phones and is the only organization in Massachusetts that can be contacted using this easy to remember three-digit number.

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This public resource directory, a program of Community Action Pioneer Valley, provides a free public information service available 24/7, connecting our community with close to 1,000 agencies, programs or services at over 450 locations. This directory is a centralized online tool to facilitate communication of available resources, service information, referrals, and a coordination of services of non-profit organizations, government agencies, health and human services, medical and mental health providers, and others. Look4Help serves the residents of Hampshire and Franklin Counties and the North Quabbin region of Western Massachusetts. Where services may overlap, Look4Help also includes resources covering portions of Hampden, Berkshire and Worcester Counties. Selected regional and state agencies are also listed. For more information visit the Community Action Pioneer Valley website, call 413-774-2318, or email Community Action Pioneer Valley.

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