South Hadley-Easthampton Veteran's Service District

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The mission of the South Hadley-Easthampton Veterans' Service District is to advocate on behalf of all South Hadley and Easthampton veterans and provide them with quality support services.


Massachusetts is the only State in the country to dedicate a program of services to its' resident, eligible, veteran population. In accordance with Massachusetts General Law, MGL Chapter 115, each city and town in the Commonwealth is represented by a Veterans Service Officer also known as a Veterans' Agent.  Smaller communities are combined into a district and administered accordingly by a Director of Veteran Services. 


The local Veterans’ Service Department is a ONE STOP center for veterans and the dependents of veterans in addition to the duties to aid, assist, and advise, as stated in Chapter 115, Mass. General Law, the Agents and Directors counsel, file claims and explore every avenue of resources and revenue available to the veteran and their dependents.  

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