Detective Unit

The Easthampton Police Department's Detective Unit is responsible for the investigation of all felonies, thefts, frauds, burglaries, aggravated assaults, sexual abuses, narcotics violations and other such misdemeanors that may require extensive follow up.

Duties & Responsibilities

Detective Taking NotesThe general duties and responsibilities of our detectives are to promptly and diligently investigate all crimes assigned, utilizing all available resources. They interview complainants, victims, witnesses and suspects, and follow investigations of criminal activity to their conclusion. They investigate all unattended deaths in the city, in conjunction with Massachusetts State Police detectives. Our detectives strive to maintain close working relationships with our law enforcement and criminal justice partners, and act as liaison for our department.

Investigations & Preparing Reports

An Easthampton Police detective is on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to conduct investigations of serious crimes that cannot be deferred until normal duty hours. Detectives must complete accurate, detailed and often lengthy investigative reports in order to document all facets of an investigation. They investigate cases and exhaust all leads until reaching a final disposition, which includes prosecuting identified offenders.

Preparing Cases

If cases are resolved with criminal charges, it is the responsibility of the detectives to prepare the cases for court by carefully organizing the presentation of facts and evidence. They must also coordinate with the department's court officer and the District Attorney's Office to ensure the proper presentation of evidence and the appearance of witnesses.

Familiarity with Suspects

Detectives must be fully familiar with the law as well as department rules, regulations, procedures and policies surrounding the handling of suspects, crime scene control, the care of prisoners and the presentation of evidence in court. They must be familiar with known criminals and their associates, being vigilant of their general behavior patterns and their modus operandi. Detectives must also be alert for sources of information and thoroughly cultivate them.


The Easthampton Police Detective Unit is currently staffed by Detective Sergeant Mark Popielarczyk, Detective Eric Alexander, Detective Andrew Beaulieu and Juvenile/Detective Rick Rogalski. If you have information about criminal activity or would like to speak with a detective, please contact one of our investigators.

Anonymous Tips

Anonymous tips and information may also be sent to the Easthampton Police Department.