Drug Addiction & Recovery Team (DART)

Recognizing that narcotics addiction is a disease, the Easthampton Police Department has partnered with Hampshire HOPE and other community stakeholders to enhance our response to the opioid epidemic, which affects countless people in our communities.

In collaboration with these partner agencies, the Easthampton Police Department launched a DART program (Drug Addiction and Recovery Team) to identify habitual or high-risk drug users and assist them with local treatment resources. In doing so, we recognize that proactively intervening and offering recovery assistance to people at high risk is an important strategy to combat this epidemic.

DART is the result of the collaborative work of Hampshire HOPE - a resource group for families and addicts made up of representatives from law enforcement, treatment centers, schools, the Northwestern District Attorney's Office and local health departments.

Easthampton DART Officers

Our DART officers are members of the patrol force who sought to be part of this program in addition to their regular patrol duties. They review our police records to identify people who have overdosed on narcotics, engage in high risk behaviors, or engaged in criminal activity as a result of their addiction. They also seek out people who have expressed a need for help. Once identified, our DART officers work to find the person and meet with them to discuss local treatment options, provide resources and facilitate treatment. Contact is made as soon as possible and typically within 48 hours of an initial call. Follow-up contact also occurs to provide additional support and to check on the person's wellbeing. There are also resources available for family members.

Anyone in need of assistance may also reach out to our team for help. Contact information for our DART officers: (413) 527-1212

Sergeant Tim Rogers: trogers@easthamptonma.gov 

Sergeant Ilona Dorosh: idorosh@easthamptonma.gov 

Officer Justin Malinowski: jmalinowski@easthamptonma.gov 

Detective Matthew Rood: mrood@easthamptonma.gov 

Officer Katelyn Thibault: kthibault@easthamptonma.gov 

Clinician Emma Reilly: ereilly@easthamptonma.gov