Building Inspector

Please check the resources available on the webpage. If you have questions about the status of an application please check the online permit portal


The Inspection Services Department's responsibility is to ensure that buildings in our municipality are safe and comply with the Massachusetts State Building Code 780 CMR and the City of Easthampton Zoning Ordinance. This is accomplished through inspections of new and existing residential and commercial properties. Learn more about the role of a building inspector (pdf)

Types of construction requiring a building permit include, but are not limited to:

The Building Commissioner is also responsible for annual safety inspections of restaurants, schools, daycares, and more. 

Learn about the process for certificate of inspection.

Permitting Process

The City of Easthampton now accepts Building, Electrical, Gas, and Plumbing permits online with PermitEyes ( (PermitEyes User Guide) Please take a look at our Frequently Asked questions,  if you need more help contact Jillian

Per the State Adopted Building Code, the Building Department has 30 days from the date all proper documentation is received to approve or deny a permit application. Most permits are issued well before the 30 days, but more in-depth projects may take the whole time to review. 

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