Building Inspector


It is the responsibility of the Inspection Services Department to ensure that buildings in our municipality are safe and comply with Massachusetts regulations. This is accomplished through inspections performed on both residential and commercial properties, new and existing. Most of our inspections are created through the issuance of permits. A permit for either new construction or remodeling of a structure allows us to inspect to assure all codes are being complied with and the structure's integrity meets or exceeds all regulations.

Public Records Requests

To request public records regarding a property, please submit a request to our City Clerk's office. Information on how to do so is available at

Applying for Permits

As of 7/1/20, the City of Easthampton is now accepting Building, Electrical, and Gas/Plumbing permits online at For help using the software, please call 413-529-1402. We also have a computer available in the office if you need assistance in person. 

Paper copies of Electrical and Gas/Plumbing Permits can still be found at

Receiving Permits

Permits are now issued online through Viewpoint and emailed to the applicant. Please include the email address you would like the permit to go to on all applications. 

The Building Department has 30 days from the date received, and all documentation is complete to approve or deny a permit.


Please submit building inspection requests through the online portal or by calling 413-529-1402.

For Electrical inspections, please call Jim Fischer at 413-568-7153.

For Gas/Plumbing inspections, please call Tony Karella at 413-584-6201.